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Mission Statement for Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy

The Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy is awarded by more than 22 organizations founded by Andrew Carnegie through an international selection committee composed of the leadership of several of them.

The Medal honors the philanthropic achievements of Andrew Carnegie by recognizing the achievements of other philanthropists whose work:

  • reflects his breadth of vision and sense of private obligation to public good;
  • is of significant dimension and has been sustained over time; and
  • has had a significant impact on a particular field, or on a particular nation or group of people, or internationally.


carnegieIn addition to providing international recognition to such individuals, families and institutions, the Medal awards and associated events have the purpose of stimulating what Carnegie called "the business of benevolence" by widening the circle of donors and by advancing around the world the commitment to giving that drove him.

Finally, the Medal awards and associated events are designed to draw together and thereby enhance the work of the 22 organizations founded by Mr Carnegie. The portfolio of these diverse entities covers the building of knowledge and understanding, a more peaceful world, music, art and scientific inquiry, acts of individual heroism, and improving education.

The first four award events were held in Edinburgh, Scotland, New York, and Washington, DC and in 2007, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Carnegie's birthplace and childhood home and his principal residences in the United State.

AGREED in Washington on 29 March 2006.


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